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High and end Furniture Moving

Joy Moving High and end Furniture Moving have characteristic design & practical performance & competitive price, for more information on the High and end Furniture Moving, please feel free to contact us.

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Joy Moving is a leading North California High and end Furniture Moving manufacturer, supplier and exporter.high performance and competitive price are what every customer wants, and that's also what we can offer you. Of course, also essential is our perfect after-sales service. If you are interested in our High End Furniture Moving services, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

Because valuable furniture is very expensive and it is difficult to repair damage caused by bumps during moving. Once damaged, it will have a bad impact on the value of the furniture. So, during the process of moving valuable furniture, how to ensure that the furniture will not be damaged?
Joy Moving is here to share with you what you should pay attention to when moving valuable furniture.

High End Furniture Moving Tips

1. Communicate in advance when moving valuable furniture
① When moving valuable furniture, you should communicate with the moving company in advance and moving company will send more people if necessary, because some valuable furniture is very heavy.
② Learn about the stair/elevator access conditions in advance. Under normal circumstances, furniture can be moved up and down by stairs or in the elevator, but in some apartment or townhouse there may be narrow passages such as elevators and stairs. In this case, we can contact the property management or moving company to discuss the situation in advance and find a solution for moving furniture up and down stairs.

2. Check beforehand
Take some photos of the furniture in advance so you can compare them after the move is complete. This step cannot be skipped especially when moving valuable furniture. You need to check where there are minor wear and tear, and then take photos and record them to clearly define the responsibilities. It is also convenient to have a record as a voucher in case you need after-sales service.

3. Choose a proper way to disassemble and assemble furniture
Most of valuable furniture are bulky and cannot be moved directly. They need to be disassembled before being moved, and then installed after being moved to the destination. ① If the structure is relatively complex, it is recommended to find the professional movers from a moving company to disassemble and assemble it. They have more experience and will not damage the furniture.
② As for customized furniture, some have special structures. You need to contact the furniture manufacturer for disassembly and assembly so as not to damage the furniture. Choose an appropriate method of furniture disassembly and assembly according to the real circumstances.
③ Cabinet furniture is large and heavy. Disassemble the drawers, cabinet doors and other removable parts as much as possible to reduce the handling weight. If it cannot be disassembled, it should be locked or secured with packages to prevent it from opening on its own during transportation and causing damage to the furniture.

4. Parts parts and accessories
Before moving valuable furniture, remove all parts that are easy to fall, such as the drawers of chests of drawers, the glass in TV cabinets, the glass inside wine cabinets, etc. After disassembling the furniture, you should inventory the parts and put them in separate categories and label them to avoid installation errors or time delays after moving.

5. Packing
Valuable furniture needs to be wrapped in plastic wrap and blankets before transportation, need extra care of the corners.

① In order to avoid deformation, breakage, paint peeling, scratches, wear and other problems when handling valuable furniture, be careful to lift it off the ground and put it down gently. Do not pull or drag it hard to avoid damaging the mortise and tenon structure.
② When moving, the furniture should be moved smoothly and orderly, and the moving personnel should be arranged reasonably to ensure that the furniture is raised and lowered at the same time and the force is evenly applied during the moving process, so as to prevent the furniture from turning over.

7. After moving to a new home
① First check whether there is any collision damage or scratches. At the same time, pay attention to the order of installation. First install wardrobes, bookcases and other wall cabinets, and then install larger furniture such as beds and sofas.
② After the furniture is installed and placed, check whether it is safe, check the tightness of the screws, load-bearing capacity, and whether the main structure is solid, etc. If there are any problems, make timely modifications to avoid situations such as furniture tipping over in the future that may harm personal safety.

The above are the precautions for moving valuable furniture shared by Joy Moving. Professional moving companies have professional moving teams. It is safer to leave valuable furniture to professionals!

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