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If you are a LEGO player, you must know that one of the most annoying things when moving is LEGO moving! Accidentally, the beautiful Lego street scene turns into a post-earthquake disaster scene! Here, Joy Moving has compiled some tips for Lego moving, hoping it can help you successfully complete your Lego moving to your new home!

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First of all, if you are looking for a moving company to move, given that Lego is something that is relatively delicate, moving companies usually do not provide packing and unpacking services for Lego moving. So you can pack your Lego parts or the complete Lego articles in advance, which can also save time.

Prepare packing materials

Before LEGO moving, be sure to pack it properly. What you need to prepare are: plastic wrap, plastic bags, bubble wrap, tape, and scissors.

Packaging steps

1. Take out all the mini figures, decorative pieces, small pieces, and parts that are easy to fall out of a set of Lego and put them in a ziplock bag.
2. Wrap the main body of LEGO with plastic wrap. Regular shape is best. If the shape is irregular and difficult to wrap, you can remove the irregular part and wrap it separately. When wrapping with the plastic wrap, try to make it as tight as possible so that the LEGO pieces will not fall out or deform when being transported.
3. Wrap it with another layer of bubble wrap to prevent it from falling apart during transportation.
4. Finally put it into the box and be careful not to stuff it too full and don’t squeeze the Lego pieces too tightly together. Don’t forget to put bubble wrap on the upper and lower layers of the box to prevent bumps and damage.
5. After arriving at the new home, use scissors to carefully cut the protective wrap. Do not tear it, as small parts easily fall apart if you tear it. Don’t be worry if you accidentally drop a small part, it won’t be too difficult to put it back gently.
In fact, the method is very simple, just be careful and gentle to your beloved Lego. Wish everyone has a smooth Lego moving!

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